She’s Bitty.

My child is tiny, like buying party supplies a few weeks ago the checkout girl asked if they were for her first b-day kind of tiny! Her nickname, and the only name some people call her, is Bitty, and variations of it (Bitty Bot, Itty Bitty, Bitty Girl etc etc), I often wonder how long the name will stick?. But good things come in small packages right? Today was her 2 year check up, she weighed in at only 19.4 lbs with clothes ON! Still in the 0%, but hey, somebody has to set the curve on both ends, she’s just setting the lower bar! We came up with 32″ for height, which is the 10%, but can’t be totally sure that’s correct and she was fighting, hard!! She got 3 shots, all that are required for her to go to the base daycare part-time! Did I mention I’m sending her to daycare? Well I am!! When Brad was gone for 7weeks in Nov/Dec i came to realize that she and I could both benefit from some regular time apart, and she would really LOVE the social aspects of “school” because she’s a total social butterfly. So here soon we’ll get her enrolled for hourly drop in care, its a space available kind of set up, but I’d like to try to get her in 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hrs each time if possible. The downfall other than the icky germs those places are covered with, is that they don’t do cloth diapers, it sucks but I think her buns will be ok for a few hours, its hit and miss on when/if they give her a rash or not. Other than that she’s good to go. I’m sure dropping her off with strangers for the first time it going to be hard for me, and she likely won’t give a rats ass where I went, she’ll be overwhelmed with toys and kids and will love every min or it! I foresee her requesting to go back frequently, like she does with the pool. Another concern goes back to the bitty factor, at just turned 2 she’ll be in a 2 year old room, and as a 0% kid, she’s likely to be the smallest one in there, I just hope she doesn’t get plowed over all the time!! Luckily she seems to be a pretty tough, if not little, cookie, so she’ll be fine either way. Mama on the other hand, we shall see…


I’m back, and I have a 2 year old!

Today, Feb 3rd, I officially became the mother of a two year old!! How crazy is that! As we near our 3 year mark on the island we have LOTS of changes coming in the near and not so near future. March brings our 13th wedding anniversary, May will have Briella and me saying goodbye to daddy for 6 long months, during which time we’ll likely take a trip back to the states again. Brad will return Nov-ish and then we’re into the holidays, around this time we’ll know our new base assignment and start the home stretch of getting ready to move, which happens in May of next year!! It’s going to be a roller coaster 16mos to say the least, but I’m excited for the possibility of the new things to come, for all of us. In the next few weeks we plan to send Bitty to daycare for a couple hours a couple times a week, I think she’ll benefit from the social interactions and will likely learn a lot as well, this is mostly in preparation of daddy’s deployment and me knowing that she and I both need time apart and a few hours at daycare can provide that much needed break for us both. Brad will take some leave in April/May before he leave, we’re trying to come up with idea of something fun to do and possibly get us off island a bit, but it is pricey, so we’ll see.

As for today, its bitter sweet for sure, I’m sad that Briella’s babyhood is behind her, and since I’m still pretty certain she’s the only one I’ll have, it saddens me just a tad to know that each ‘first’ milestone she reaches she’s also left behind a ‘last’ as well, the last time she had a bottle, the last time she napped in her swing, the last time she ate baby food, they go and you don’t even realize they’re gone until its too late to stop and enjoy the moments ‘last’ time. But right now, I’m going to live in the moment, and just enjoy the awesome little girl I have growing up before my eyes, she really is something! This girl has personality out her ears, she’s sassy, charming, sensitive, funny and just a joy to be around (most of the time, she IS still a toddler after all!). I’m going to try and make a point to revive this blog, even if for nothing more than a place for me to get things out, or have a spot Brad can come while gone and relive the fun, silly, naughty or sweet things his little girl did while he was away. So I will leave you with the 2 videos I’ve made to follow each of Briella’s years thus far, enjoy!

Oops! Its been TOO long!

Clearly it’s been a really long time since I blogged!! Oops! I think about it, but just never actually get around to it! Briella is 7 and half months now, crazy right? A lot has changed since the 5 month post! So here we go…

Size: At her 6mo appt she was only 12lbs13oz and 24.5”. They were a tad concerned and had us come back at 7mos, it was actually about 3 weeks later. She then measured in at 13lbs 1oz and 25” (on an empty tummy). They said she looks fine and is meeting all milestone so no need to worry. As far as clothes go she’s STILL wearing 3-6mo mostly!! She can fit into a few 6-9mo things but mostly they are still too big!

Sleep: Night time is much the same, to bed at 730pm up around 7am and usually up once for a bottle in the wee hours. No complaints here. Naps also much the same, cat naps most of the time, but on occasion, like right now, she’ll go 45min, 60min or even more! I weaned her from napping in her swing when she started sitting up in it, so ALL naps are in the crib now, the swing is packed away and for sale!

Eating: She takes 4oz bottles during the day, and is looking to up that soon. We’re still only feeding one solid meal a day, she will skip a bottle if I feed her more, and we can’t have that yet. She LOVES pears and baby yogurt, is NOT a fan of avocado though. She’s tasting a bit of lots of stuff and seems to really like just about everything put in her mouth, hope that continues!

Playing: BIG changes here, the playmate has been sold, the bouncy seat as well! She now has a fenced area with all her toys in that I can gate off to contain her.

Mobility: Oh boy has THIS changed! She’s crawling! She can army crawl very well and just yesterday learned how to “classic” crawl, and she’s working on perfecting that new skill! She can sit, roll anywhere and stand holding something. She is a VERY busy baby and keeps me on my toes!

Chatting: The chatter has actually quieted; I think her little brain was being focused elsewhere to get the crawling accomplished! She has more sound that resemble words: mama, baba, dada, hi and yeah. She laughs much more easily and it’s a regular occurrence now, tickling gets her going pretty good!

Other things: We’ve had pro pics taken twice now, and got some AMAZING photos! Brad was promoted just a couple weeks ago, I’m so proud of him!  We’ve made some great friends in the last few months and that is awesome! I’m still semi planning our (Briella and mine) trip home in Feb2012. I can’t wait to get back the sates for a bit, and have Briella meet some of her family for the first time! All 3 dogs are well and Briella just LOVES them, they are the only thing that can get her laughing hysterically!! <– Talk about the cutest thing ever!

And I’ll leave you with some pictures…

5 Months

It feels so strange to say my tiny little baby is 5 months already!! I know they say the time will fly, and boy has it, but at the same time if feels as though she’s always been here, it’s already hard to recall our lives without her. Now for some updates!

 Size- at her 4mo check up she weighed in at 11lbs 7ozs and was 23.5” long, which is the 5th and 45th percentiles respectively. She’s wearing all 3-6mo clothes now, and these are fitting in all different ways, some she’s about to outgrow already, and some she still barely fits into yet.

Sleep- she’s still doing pretty much the same here, going to bed around 730-8pm and getting up around 7-730am, she still wakes for a bottle at least once, and on occasion, twice. Naps still kind of suck, she really only takes short 30min naps most of the time, and she gets in about 3-4 of them a day. This could all be much worse, so I’m not complaining!

Eating- She’s doing well in this area! She’s taking 3oz bottles through the day, but I think we’re about to have to start offering 4oz instead. She gets on “meal” of real food a day. She did sweet potatoes first, carrots and now we did peas for the first time yesterday. So far she eats it all! She seems to really enjoy the real foods, and gets all happy when she’s strapped into her highchair! Once we’ve established the things she likes and what she doesn’t, I’ll start making my own baby food, for now I’m just buying it.

Playing- she still loves her play mat and it is still part of her first morning routine. She enjoys her jumperoo and bouncy seat as well. She’s a big fan of being upside down, loves to be “dropped”, and flown around by daddy, so far she’s quite a thrill seeker!

Chatter- she is chatting up a storm these days, I think she likes to hear herself. She learned to blow raspberries just recently. She has also learned a loud shrieking that is her FAVORITE noise right now, she uses it when happy, excited, and grumpy, you name it! Needless to say it can get old FAST as it is very loud and high pitched! She is also laughing much more! I still get the most laughs out of her, but Brad is starting to be able to get more. She laughs when tickled and if I talk silly to her sometimes. It is truly the cutest thing EVER!!

What she can do- she can sit up on her own for decent amounts of time when she wants to. The problem is she much prefers the game of flinging herself backward onto the pillow that is usually placed behind her. It’s cute, but she gets so caught up in that that she just won’t sit at all! She can roll over tummy to back and back to tummy now. She reaches for everything, if she sees something she wants to play with/chew on, her little arms are just stretched out to get her mitts on it!! She loves the remotes, but anything within reach is fair game, we have to be careful of things now! Yesterday she grabbed her bottle I had sitting in front of her and put it straight into her mouth, first time she’s done that with such precision! I was so proud!

Fun stuff- She went to the pool again last weekend, and loved it as usual! I got her an SPF50+ long sleeve long pants romper for swimming, so I don’t have to worry so much about her having enough sunblock on, now I only have to put it on her feet, hands and face, since she generally wears a hat too. It a cute little thing too, pics to come! We took her to the base Freedom Fest this weekend, and she seemed to enjoy all the things to look at, and of course she got dressed in her adorable red, white and blue outfit!!

She just woke from her nap, so I suppose that’s enough of an update for now!

Not Just Jammies

Briella is wearing what would look to most people like a normal pair of boyish jammies for the first time tonight. But the fact is they are so much more than just jammies. These are her very first jammies ever. The ones I bought long before she was even in existence, before I had a clue the road we would travel to be graced with her presence, before I lost hope of getting knocked up quickly, before I realized I probably wouldn’t get to use these jammies in a surprise to tell Brad we were pregnant. Yep, I bought these jammies nearly 3 years ago, in the first couple months of trying, thinking I would plan some big cute surprise that included a baby item, said jammies, to tell Brad the good news. That was a lifetime ago, I was naive and clueless. So these jammies got pushed further and further back in my undie drawer, where I was hiding them. When we did finally get the good news, if you will recall, there was nothing cutsie or fun about it, but it was amazing either way! So, the jammies made a reappearance once we got that BFP, and I’ve been eyeing them ever since. They are a size 6mo, so I’ve been waiting a LONG time for the day to come for these jammies to fit my long-awaited child. They are a bit big and still look kind of boyish, but feel like the final step in our journey. I feel like putting these simple fleece jammies on my daughter somehow is the final chapter in the story of our path to a baby. Now we start fresh, on the story of our path of parenthood.